• tribasic-lead-sulphate
    Tribasic Lead Sulphate
    Tribasic Lead Sulphate, 3PbO, PbSo4, H20, is the most popular and versatile lead stabilizers for PVC. It is one of the most cost effective stabilizers available and is used in both rigid and plasticized PVC compounds for a wide range of end product applications.
  • litharge-premium
    Litharge Premium
    Lead(II) oxide, or litharge, is a yellow oxide of lead of formula PbO, created by heating lead in the air. It can also be formed by heating lead(II) nitrate(V) (Pb(NO3)2). Litharge is amphoteric, meaning it reacts with acids to form Pb2+ and with bases to form plumbate(II).
  • Red Lead Griffin Brand
    Red Lead - Griffin Brand
    Red Lead (Pb304 or 2PbO, PbO2) is soft orange and red colored powder. It is a useful ingredient for the storage battery, glass & ceramic industry and it occupies an important place in the Paint Industry for its rust inhibiting character. Red Lead is used to a certain extent in the ceramics and glass, paints and pigments and explosives industries.
  • dibasic-lead-phthalate
    Dibasic Lead Phthalate
    Dibasic Lead Phthalate, 2PbO-PbC6H4(COO)2 1/2H20, is an excellent heat stabilizer, particularly at high temperatures, besides being also effective as a light stabilizer.
  • lead-stearate
    Lead Stearate
    Lead Stearate is primarily of interest as a lubricant in PVC compound since it has only moderate heat stabilizer properties when used alone. It is generally used in conjunction with other stabilizers.
  • Dibasic Lead Stearate
    Dibasic lead Stearate, the basic lead scrap of commercial stearic acid, is a versatile combined lubricant and heat stabilizer for PVC.

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