Waldies secures Silver in 88th Merchants Cup Regatta

Waldies is proud to announce that we are celebrating our results in the 88th Merchants Cup Regatta, held by Calcutta Rowing Club. We’re glad to have secured our spot at the second position in the main event for this year.

Calcutta Rowing Club organizes Merchants Cup Regatta every year to promote the Rowing sport in the corporate regime. Squads from all over the city spare their time to participate in this corporate sports festival. Every year dozens of participation makes Merchants Cup a very successful event. Big corporate houses such as HSBC, HDFC, Gillanders, TATA’s participates in the regatta.

Waldies (previously Gillanders) had participated in the 88th Merchants Cup Regatta in all different forms of events. The event featured Dinghy, Ergometer, Coxed Fours and Tub Pairs. The three-day regatta concluded on 29th of July where Palazzo Marbles were named the overall champions of the 88th season.

88th Merchants Cup Regatta

Team Waldies

88th Merchants Cup Regatta

  • Soumen Mitra, Coach – Coxswain
  • Ashismoy Mitra, General Manager – Strokeman
  • Deepak Ojha, Managing Director, Stroke
  • Piyush Sethia, Chartered Accountant, Bowman
  • Nikhil Agarwal, Vice President, Bow
  • Umang Agarwal, Vice President, Bow

Waldies stood at the second position in the main event of Coxed fours where HSBC stood as the second runners up. Ultimately, the final results of the overall regatta:

  1. Palazzo Marbles
  2. The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)
  3. Waldies / Gillanders

Team Waldies

Due to its non-existence in 1926 Rabindra Saraboar Lake did not host the first Merchants’ Cup Regatta. CRC’s former course on the Boat Canal near Majerhat Bridge in Behala hosted the first one. It was won by a crew representing the firm George Henderson & Company. 

Despite being the donors of the Trophy, Gillanders, couldn’t claim it until 1948. Macneill & Magor have been staking their claims very strongly having won the trophy for five years running and Gillanders’ won the trophy again both in 1980 and 1981. In 1982, Chloride India Ltd., (now Exide) won the trophy. In 1983 Tata Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., won the Cup, whereas in 1984-85 it was M.N.C. who won it. Tata’s won back the trophy in 1986, 1988, 1989 and 1990.


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