Tribasic Lead Sulphate (TBLS)


Waldies continues to be a leading player because of its highly superior quality. The product is treated with a special surface coating technique to ensure its ready dispersion in PVC, regardless of the compounding technique.

Tribasic Lead Sulphate, 3PbO, PbSo4, H20, is the most popular and versatile lead stabilizers for PVC. It is one of the most cost effective stabilizers available and is used in both rigid and plasticized PVC compounds for a wide range of end product applications.

TBLS has excellent stabilizing properties in PVC. The special surface coating increases the effectiveness of lower concentration permitting manufacturing PVC compounds and products of lower stabilizer usage and hence low cost.

Industrial Applications


TBLS is recommended for use in PVC Compounds for fabrication by injecting molding of elbows, bend and other types of joints for connecting PVC pipes. A mixed stabilizer of Tribasic Lead Sulphate, Dibasic Lead Phosphite & Dibasic Lead Stearate enhances initial and long-term light stability and weather properties in compounds containing chlorinated paraffin.

A lead sheath can be used as a chemical barrier in low, medium and instrumentation cables for all kinds of petrochemical projects. The advantages of lead sheathed cables are:

  • Protection against the entry of hydrocarbons.
  • Protection against moisture ingress.
  • Can be used as an earthing or grounding system
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.

Lead sheath (Lead or its alloy-variants and sometimes Aluminium) helps prevent the primary moisture ingress and is also rugged in underground applications.