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who we are

Waldies is one of the largest manufacturers of Lead Oxides in India. It owes its name to Dr. David Waldie, who was born in the early 19th century in Linlithgow, Scotland. We manufacture numerous specialty chemicals which are used by India’s finest industries.

The manufacturing facility  is located on the bank of River Ganges in West Bengal. Waldies was the first company to introduce the production of Sulfuric Acid in India.


Dr. David Waldie, a renowned chemist in Scotland came to India in the year 1857 and started his chemical works as Waldies brand in the year 1858. The factory was set near Cossipure, which was later moved to Konnagar, where the facility still remains in production, since over 150 years. The company has always been in operation as corporate structure. Even after India got independence, the company continued to produce under Waldies brand.

Dr. Waldie was also considered to be one of the first scientists in the world who introduced the application of chloroform and anesthesia. In his studies which was observed by Sir James Simpsons, who currently holds the title as the “Founder" of Anesthesia, Dr. Waldie suggested formulation which were a part of the original research. Although credit was never given to the Scottish chemist, who then, came to India to setup his own chemical company.


India's longest serving lead oxide brand by WALDIES.
WALDIES' new brand which is full of non-toxic chemicals, stabilizers, lubricants, metal salts & PVC additives.
Economical PVC products by Waldies.
WALDIES D'WALL brand which houses construction and decorative paints goods.

years in existence

Waldies is one of the oldest chemical manufacturing brand in India.



We employ over 300+ all across India, majority of them are accommodated in West Bengal.



Waldies have served thousands of clients globally throughout the years.

The Board of Directors

Deepak Ojha
Managing Director
Sameer Agarwal
Teena Agarwal
Anil Sharma
Vice President
Mukesh Sharma
Rajat Agarwal
Sikandar Mujawar
General Manager
Mahendra Subkewal
General Manager
Tushar Dave
General Manager
Sikandar Mujawar
General Manager
Mayank Choraria
Assistant General Manager
Ashwani Soni
Assistant General Manager

Million KG production

In the past decade alone, we’ve produced 100 million KGs of products.


Million sqft.

Waldies manufacturing facility is spread across 2 million square feets.


Heavy machineries

Waldies infrastructure is established by GoodWall & Co., UK


ISO 9001: 14001
Quality Management System (QMS) is one of the most vital aspects of representing a business. Waldies complies with ISO standards and is certified.
British Standard OSHAS - 18001
British Standard OHSAS 18001 sets out the minimum requirements for occupational health and safety management best practice. Waldies complies with all its requirements.
Combined Existing Quality, Health & Safety Processes (ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001) Into An Integrated Management Systems (IMS). Waldies is certified IMS holder.