How We Are Fighting The COVID-19 Coronavirus

To our valued clients, business associates, suppliers, contractors, employees and so.

In these unprecedented circumstances amid the rapid progression of COVID-19, widely known as the Coronavirus, Waldies remains extremely committed and highly responsive to provide exemplary service to its clients and partners. In addition we’re prepared to take strict measures in safeguarding the health of our clients and colleagues.

In the event of the head offices and other state offices closure, we have set up necessary infrastructure for remote operations.

We will actively follow the guidance from the Government of India, Government of West Bengal, World Health Organization (WHO), and state/local governmental agencies to revise plans and make decisions accordingly.

Waldies factories will not be in operation till the lockdown is effective. We sincerely urge all our colleagues and associates to stay safe, stay at home and take all the necessary precautions as guided by WHO.

We’re always at disposal for assistance, available at [email protected], [email protected].

Waldies Family

Dear Waldies Family, Hope you’re doing well and taking all the advisable precautions as directed by doctors & governments. We would also like to advise all of you to stay indoors, safe and take care of your families in these tough times.

We shall overcome this emergency only if we’re careful. Please feel free to call us on +91 (990) 3767 (zero-zero-zero), in case you require any assistance.




Deepak Ojha, Managing Director

Waldies adds 2000 MTPA capacity to its Red Lead facility

Konnagar, West Bengal: Waldies Co. Ltd. has expanded its West Bengal’s plant’s manufacturing capacity by 2000 MTPA for our flagship product Red Lead.

Waldies’ GRIFFIN brand is recognized widely around the world for the superiority of its product. Waldies Red Lead is majorly used in the production of Lead-acid-batteries. Other usage of Waldies Red Lead are in paints, pigments, explosives & ceramic glasses.

The induction of new plant & machinery will ensure supplies to major energy sector giants in India.

The plant was in the development for over few quarters. This week, after successful implementation of pollution control system, pot oxides, furnaces, chimneys and several other mechanical establishments, the facility is now fully functional, compatible and conforms to our standards.

The total manufacturing capacity with Waldies now exceeds 12,000 MTPA spread across all fronts.

Waldies Chief Operating Officer Ashis Mitra passes away at 64

Waldies family is extremely shocked and saddened to inform the industry that our dearest Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Ashismoy Mitra has passed away.

Mr. Mitra was a thorough gentleman who was confident and a very well learned man of the industry. In the recent years, with his extraordinary efforts Waldies had soared to newer heights. Born on 5th November 1954, Mr. Mitra joined the Gillanders/Waldies family on 3rd April 1978 and remained to be one of the most valuable assets.

After being promoted to General Manager several years ago, Mr. Mitra was elevated to Chief Operating Officer in the FY2019. Mr. Mitra was lately suffering from ailing heart condition, resulting to drop in blood pressure multiple times in the past few months.

The team at Waldies is in dismay with his sudden demise. With heavy heart, we bid adieu to our compassionate colleague.

How can the rigidity of PVC Pipes be improved?

It’s the white plastic pipe commonly used for plumbing and drainage. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, and it’s become a common replacement for metal piping. PVC’s strength, durability, easy installation, and low cost have made it one of the most widely used plastics in the world. PVC is a thermoplastic material that is molded into different shapes to create pipes, fittings, valves and other liquid handling supplies.

PVC pipes are extremely strong and most importantly, these pipes are 100% resistant to corrosion. While red is used for hot water, blue is used for cold water, but there’s no difference between the material.

There are many uses for PVC. As a rigid plastic, it is used as vinyl siding, magnetic stripe cards, window profile, pipe, plumbing and conduit fixtures. PVC is commonly used as the insulation on electric wires. Frequently in applications where smoke is a major hazard (notably in tunnels) PVC-free LSOH (low-smoke, zero-halogen) cable insulation is used.

PVC pipes are majorly used for manufacturing sewerage pipes and agricultural pipes. PVC pipes have been used for more than 60 years and show that they have very long-lasting material properties. They are easy to install, strong and durable and, when they eventually reach the end of their service life, they can be recycled back into new PVC pipes. As a result, PVC pipe systems are very cost efficient.

Some of the renowned manufacturer and supplier of PVC pipes are as follows:

  • Astral Pipes
  • Finolex
  • Utkarsh India

How can the rigidity of the PVC Pipes be improved?

  • Materials must be well plasticized,
  • PVC Stabilizers used should be of high quality with good lubrication.
  • The lead content of the PVC Stabilizers should be 28% or more, pHr should be around 2.4 to 2.8. Waldies owned Ducatus PVC One Stabilizers namely Ducatus 3248, Ducatus 3258 & Ducatus 7305 are the recommended stabilizers for usage.
  • Reduce lubrication, instead, use PE Waxes with 3.0 pHr.
  • The amount of Calcium Carbonate be under 50%. The volume should be above 2.7 mesh above 1000.
  • After die processing, draw from two directions – longitudinally and axially.
  • Use lubrication which has macro-molecular structure.

Image credit: https://www.123rf.com/photo_15665409_blue-pvc-pipe.html

Waldies upgrades manufacturing facility by 2400 MTPA

Konnagar, West Bengal: Waldies Co. Ltd. has expanded its West Bengal’s manufacturing capacity by 2400 MTPA, the company said in a release.

The new manufacturing facility will facilitate the needs of the PVC industry. This new introduction of the plant will enhance the product portfolio of our company for the existing and new customers.

Waldies, has been pioneer in producing PVC Stabilizers for the Pipes, cables & wires industry for decades. The new plant will add to the range atleast 20-odd new PVC OnePack products.

Waldies branded Ducatus OnePack Products will suffice the needs of the PVC Cables & Pipes.

Waldies confirms participation at Int. Lead Conference in Spain

Kolkata, West Bengal: Waldies Co. Ltd., India’s oldest lead manufacturing firm has confirmed its presence at the Pb 2019 International Lead Conference hosted in Madrid, Spain.

The event is organized by International Lead Assn (ILA) will crystal gaze at the future outlook for lead & lead batteries, a roadmap for advanced lead batteries, better awareness on lead as well as lead batteries & responsible management of lead in the battery value chain.

Speakers include experts from CRU, CHR Metals, ILZSG, ILA, Consortium for Battery Innovation, Exide Europe, East Penn, LME, Metal Stewardship, Gravita India, Ecobat Technologies, Johnson Controls, Eurobat, Battery Council International etc.

Pb2019 will also be hosting a lead exposure management workshop for EHS professionals to exchange best practice and continue the industry’s drive to maintain lead occupational exposure at the lowest practicable levels.

The workshop will include a panel of expert speakers and a practical hands-on session to facilitate knowledge transfer between companies. And we will be debating the role of material stewardship in driving the sustainability of the lead metal and lead battery value chains.

In a year where the lead and lead battery industries are facing significant legislative developments, Pb2019 will provide delegates with a comprehensive overview of the latest regulatory changes and how they could affect companies.

If you would like to schedule some time, reach out to [email protected].

Indian Oil Corporation venturing to improve lead-acid-battery

NEW DELHI: State-owned Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) is in talks with battery makers to license its new technology, which boosts lead-acid battery life by 30% and cuts charging time by 40%, or jointly manufacture storage devices. 

IOC, the nation’s largest refiner and fossil fuel retailer, is researching new energy storage technology and improvising older battery technology such as lead-acid to stay relevant in a future when electric mobility is expected to eat into the company’s currently-flourishing liquid fuel business. 

The company’s research lab has improvised the leadacid battery and is now exploring ways to take it to the market. “All options are open with us today. We can set up our own manufacturing or we can join hands with some leading battery manufacturer in the country,” SSV Ramakumar, director (research & development) at IOC, told ET.

The company is in talks with battery makers and may soon unveil its plan on taking the technology to market. “We have developed a new nano material, which when used in lead-acid battery in fixed proportion, increases the life of lead-acid battery by 30%,” said Ramakumar.

The improvised battery has been tested in three-wheelers, he said.

Lead-acid batteries are heavier and so limit the range of electric vehicles while lighter and fastcharging lithium-ion batteries permit longer range and have thus become the key propeller of the new wave of electric vehicle that’s seeking to challenge the dominance of petrol and diesel vehicles.

IOC chose to work on lead-acid battery as it was found more suited to Indian needs. “This is a mature battery technology. Its raw material is available in India. Its recycling technology is available in the country,” said Ramakumar. “For India, lithium is not the right technology.”

One, raw material availability is zero. Lithium’s recycling technology is zero. The electrolyte under lithium is a toxic electrolyte, highly inflammable, unlike lead-acid where you have water.” The market size for lead-acid battery is estimated to be Rs 30,000 crore, he said.

“If we want to be a player in energy storage industry, we will need to be a manufacturer. If or how soon, only time will tell,” said Ramakumar.

But, he said, a final decision on entering manufacturing would require the company to have “enough confidence in the new chemistries that we are exploring, and clarity on government policy on emobility”.

The break-even capacity for battery manufacturing is one gigawatt and an investment of that order can’t be made without full clarity on policy and technology.

Exide Launches Innovative VRLA GEL Battery for Power-hungry Trucks

GENNEVILLIERS, FranceSept. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Global stored energy leader, Exide Technologies, is helping fleet operators to keep their businesses moving by adding high performance VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid) GEL battery technology to its truck range, pushing cycling endurance to new levels.

With end customers expecting ever-faster, more reliable deliveries, managing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their assets and minimizing the risk of breakdowns has never been more crucial for Commercial Vehicle (CV) operators. Aftermarket distributors and workshops are also being called upon to select high quality CV batteries that will cope with significant endurance, cranking and vibration resistance demands.

In response to these growing needs Exide is introducing Endurance+PRO GEL, a pioneering new VRLA battery based on GEL technology that offers competitive advantages for CV fleet owners and installers. Made for extreme cycling, GEL battery technology – which was originally invented by Sonnenschein®, an Exide brand, provides impressive energy throughput over the battery lifetime. GEL technology is maintenance free and extremely robust against deep discharge whilst ensuring a safe, reliable start. It is a proven technology in the most demanding and critical applications.

The new, maintenance-free battery delivers far more cycling endurance than an SHD (super heavy duty) flooded battery and AGM (absorbent glass mat) alternatives. This makes it ideal for high energy uses, such as long-haul trucks with ‘life on board’ equipment and commercial vehicles doing extensive urban deliveries. The battery achieves the deepest possible discharge for better energy availability, leading to prolonged life span.

Exide – a leading global provider of OE and aftermarket batteries for automotive and industrial markets – offers a wide selection of replacement batteries for commercial vehicles. Alongside its EndurancePRO ranges the company has four other CV battery ranges tailored to different power consumption demands: StrongPRO, which features a next-generation high vibration resistance design and comes with Carbon Boost, Exide’s smart electrochemical solution for durability and faster recharging; PowerPRO; PowerPRO Agri & Construction; and StartPRO. Each battery delivers the optimum combination of benefits to meet specific CV energy needs in terms of vibration resistance, cycling endurance and cranking power.

Michael Geiger, VP Sales & Marketing – EMEA at Exide Technologies, said: “CV operators and their drivers rely on their batteries doing their job, without fail, every day and night. The cycling endurance demands of many long-haul and delivery trucks have grown enormously. Cranking-focused batteries are no longer the answer. We are therefore very excited to introduce our new VRLA GEL batteries for high consumption vehicles that also contribute to operator peace of mind.”

The launch also means that Exide now offers fleet operators, parts distributors and service workshops a complete choice of CV batteries for every need. “With the addition of Endurance+PRO GEL our CV range is stronger than ever,” confirmed Geiger. “Thanks to our ability to draw on our experience in other demanding sectors, such as industrial, marine and power sports, we are also well placed to continually enhance our commercial vehicle battery technologies into the future.”

Ashismoy Mitra promoted as Chief Operating Officer of Waldies

April 28th, Kolkata, West Bengal: The outcome of discussion among Waldies’ senior most management put before the sanction of the proposal of elevating Mr. Ashis Mitra as COO from General Manager. Ashis Mitra has been with the organization since 1989.

The decision comes in after the company Waldies is preparing to enter into a full-phase expansion of its manufacturing unit. The organization has set up a new manufacturing plant in Jagatpur Industrial Estate, Cuttack, where they propose to double their productivity.

“Mr. Mitra is prudent and thoughtful about his roles and goals of the company, his responsibilities have now been further enlarged. I am sure this will bring great results,” – Deepak Ojha, Managing Director.

Waldies Compound Limited has been India’s finest manufacturer of Lead Oxides. The brand first began its operation in 1858 when Dr. David Waldie came to India to set up his Chemical works.