Litharge Premium (Lead Oxide - Yellow or Lead Monoxide or PbO)


Lead(II) oxide, or litharge, is a yellow oxide of lead of formula PbO, created by heating lead in the air. It can also be formed by heating lead(II) nitrate(V) (Pb(NO3)2). Litharge is amphoteric, meaning it reacts with acids to form Pb2+ and with bases to form plumbate(II)

PbO = Lead(II) oxide= Lead monoxide= CAS# 1317-36-8

Litharge (Lead Oxide – Yellow or Lead Monoxide or PbO) is a canary yellow to reddish yellow powder. The product is a useful ingredient for the storage battery, glass & ceramic industry. It occupies an important place in the manufacturer of power cables.

Conforms to IS : 58-1976

PbO, Pb3O4, Lead oxide, Lead(II) oxide, Lead(II, III) oxide, Lead oxide (Pb3O4), Lead monoxide powder, Lead tetraoxide; Red lead oxide, Lead protoxide, Litharge, Lead oxide yellow, Trilead tetroxide, C.I. 77577, C.I. 77578, Litharge red, Yellow lead ocher, Plumbous oxide, Plumboplumbic oxide, C.I. Pigment red 105, Gold satinobre, Lead orthoplumbate, Lead oxide red, Litharge yellow L-28, Massicot, Massicotite, Pigment yellow 46, Minium red lead, Mineral red, Saturn red, Mineral orange, Minium, Minium tego, minium, Paris red, Satum red, CAS# 1317-36-8,

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