No Pay Cuts, Lay offs at Waldies owing to COVID-19

Amid the global pandemic which has adversely affected the economy, job cuts are at the center of discussions. Not only within the employers range, the employees too, have been at the behest of concern of their future. Waldies, however, has been skeptic about pay-cuts amid the pandemic. Further, laying off employees during the middle of a global emergency is not what we stand for.

Waldies brand, which is in existence since 1858, have had to go through many of the world emergencies, from the Spanish Flu in 1918 to World War I & World War II. One thing common for us in the tough times, has been our empathy.

When the lock-down was first invoked in the Month of March 2020 to curb the spread of COVID-19, we were among the world population who were uncertain about the future. Five months later, in August, we’re still unsure about the revival in terms of inventory values, debt recoveries and many such cash-flow aspects.

Our newest brand, Virichem, for non-toxic PVC & Rubber chemicals was due for launch in July. It also took a hit, which led us to defer the historic event for everyone associated with us at Waldies.

The one thing we were and we still are sure about is, we will not be forcing terminations of put unwarranted pay-cuts to any of our employs, workers at any level of the managerial and operational hierarchy. We did defer the payments in the month of April, June, but that, in no way meant deterring the pay scale at all.

We are proud to stand by our team in this unprecedented time and urge our industry colleagues to follow the same practice. In the famous words of John Medina, “Empathy doesn’t require a solution, it just requires understanding.”