The top Battery Manufacturers in India

The battery industry in India that comprises automobile, sealed maintenance free (SMF), tubular and lead acid batteries have been registering an annual growth rate of 25 per cent year on year. While China still remains the world’s largest battery market, India is expected to register the strongest growth in sales by 2020. Demand for Indian batteries from importers worldwide has increased and to meet this, Indian manufacturers are also gearing up. The main sectors in which demand is expected to grow in 2018 are solar, telecom, automation and power conditioning.

Recognizing the growth being witnessed by the battery industry, Waldies has decided to rank the top Battery Manufacturers on the basis of our consumer survey and their demand.

Some major companies could not be included in the ranking as they declined to share their revenue figures with us, nor could their balance sheets be accessed on the MCA website. We did not include companies who are exclusively/extensively into manufacturing automotive batteries.

Battery Manufacturers in India

While this survey is by no means comprehensive, it does provide a glimpse into many of India’s key battery manufacturers.

  • Exide Industries Limited
  • Amaraja Batteries (Amaron)
  • Luminous Batteries
  • Okaya Power Group
  • Base Corporation Ltd.
  • Southern Batteries Pvt. Ltd.
  • HBL Power Systems
  • Su-Kam Batteries
  • Tudor India Pvt. Ltd.

The battery market in India is experiencing growing demand from multiple sectors. Apart from conventional demand from manufacturing industries, the digital and telecom boom has generated demand for batteries for power storage equipment. The growth of the battery market is also driven by the increasing demand from sectors like banking, hospitality, transportation and other industrial applications. Besides, the boom in the solar sector has added extra impetus to this industry. With all these factors combined, the Indian battery market is expected to remain bullish in the coming years.

With the introduction of electric vehicles, this sector may move towards lithium ion and fuel cell technologies.

However, there is not much variation in the rankings of the companies compared to their positions in the previous year. Maintaining its top position in this survey, Exide Industries is leading the market, followed by Amara Raja and HBL.

Waldies is proud to affirm that our product, Red Lead, which is a raw material in manufacturing lead-acid batteries and tubular batteries is used by all of the top battery manufacturers in India. You can head over to our product section to know more about our service area and range. Waldies Compound Limited also boasts of its product quality being of the highest order. The quality we manufacture is unparalleled.